Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Passion in Between

Between my day job and my passion I try to balance my life to try to get the best out of both worlds. I like my job and I am very grateful to have one, although I would like to be more involved in the world of the arts and crafts.

My Friend Jose Originally uploaded by collagelover

I am a graphic designer from a community college but one of my dreams was to study Art in one of my favorite Art Schools, Corcoran, MICA, School of Visual Arts or PARSONS in NY, or many others that I love. I still have the dream and maybe someday I will be able to do it. Thanks to the amazing web now artist share and express all their experiences and thoughts through the web which makes it very fun to read and follow new artists and meet interesting people and amazing creativity of people.

There are so many things that I want to do in relation to Art, so many things that I want to try, sometimes I feel I will not have time enough to do it all! Hopefully one day I will read my blog and be able to look back and say that everything was worth it because of a reason, and I will be dedicating all my time to do things that I most like to do! A R T!

I would like to explain that since that I am bilingual I feel the need of writing in both languages, therefore I believe that this blog is going to be written in "Spanglish" kind of, but don't be afraid it is not going to be a mess.

This collage was made for my good friend Josefina, for the sky I wanted to use those type of white bubbles instead of clouds by using a round stencil of different sizes. For this piece I have used a watercolor paper and Golden Paints, but I am waiting to try the new product line Studio of Claudine Hellmuth!

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Flor Larios Art said...

Hola, Me gustan mucho tus collages, los colores suaves y muy sencillos. Lindos!